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Open positions

To apply, follow the link below for the online application. Shortlisted candidates will be notified for follow-up and next steps instructions

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Plant biologist

‚ÄčAs plant biologist you will work with a team of engineers to showcase your talents and knowledge in plant biology through original research publications and setting specification requirements for the greenhouse design.


  • Research publications relevant to controlled environment horticulture on Solanaceae family of crop plants - in particular capsicum annum

  • Define / critical review of design specifications - climate conditions, plant growth recipes, farm operation

  • Predict and analyze plant and farm performance using photosynthesis and reproduction models

  • As required design and execute small scale plant experiments to validate uncertain design assumptions


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Biology, Agriculture Environmental Science or a related field.

  • 0-2 years of relevant experience

  • Subject matter knowledge of plant biology and applied horticulture

  • Experience in basic research - literature review, design of experiments, statistical analysis

  • Data analysis using Python/R or Matlab

  • Persuasion argument writing

  • Fluent in English

Nice to have

  • controlled environment /indoor agriculture technology and hydroponics

  • plant growth and development models for photosynthesis (FvCB) and reproduction


  • Open to global applicants with preference for those based in Singapore 

  • Application period : 10 Jun - 10 July

Machine Vision Engineer

As machine vision engineer you will work with a team of engineers on the farm robotics design to apply your knowledge in machine vision to sensing plant phenotype response, health and morphological characteristics via image analysis and sensor fusion.


  • Subject matter expert for state of the art models and algorithms in machine vision applied to plant sensing

  • Owner of the robotics sensing and control software and modeling

  • Algorithm development for robot tasks using image and climate analyzers as sensory inputs

  • Adapt accuracy and model performance to meet robot task requirements

  • Optimize performance for maximum time-in-motion and ensure robot is not limited by computation speed

  • Leverage knowledge experts through partnerships and online open source collaboration platforms


  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering / Computer Science

  • >1 year of relevant experience

  • Subject matter knowledge in machine vision algorithm design

  • Strong foundation in mathematics, programming and physics fundamentals

  • Knowledge of SLAM, object detection and tracking, control systems

  • Fluent in Python programming, C, C++

  • Experience using OpenCV

  • Fluent in English


  • Open to global applicants with preference for those based in Singapore 

  • Application period : 10 Jun - 10 July