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Get involved

If you are interested in the food wall project the easiest way to get plugged-in is to sign-up for our newsletter to stay current on our activities and new resources available.  To get more live updates check out the blog at any time.  The blog is open to anyone and does not require any sign-up. 

If you share our vision and want to get involved in the food wall project, check out our openings or drop us a note  info@footprintzero.com.sg​ 

Ways to get involved

  1. Follow - sign up for our newsletter, join as a member of the community, follow us on Github

  2. Part-time contributor volunteer - Research, Social Media Promotion, Blog Writing

  3. Full-time engineering team - see our team and openings

  4. Partner institution - Universities, NGO, CEA / AgriTech company, Commercial farm

Types of skills and subject areas

  • Plant biology / Microbiology

  • Environmental Science

  • CEA Agriculture

  • Engineering - Mechanical, Civil, Robotics

  • Data Science and software

  • Machine Vision / AI

  • Embedded systems and prototyping

  • Architecture

  • Urban planning

Become a part of the contributor community

To become active in to our research first create a free member account on this website from the button at the top "Log-In".  In the members area you will have access to a wider range of resources and be able to provide your specific inputs and feedback in our blog community.  Once you can see your member profile, navigate to the left side bar and click on the "Register" button. Follow the instructions to submit your registration information.  As you become more active in the community you may even have the chance to become a writer and blog contributor!

Open source
Follow our Github account and get your feet wet as an open source contributor