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Food wall

Fully automated, sustainable, climate independent food

Scalable for the 3D landscape of tropical cities

Scalable, modular greenhouse designed for marginal urban spaces - rooftops, carpark, and building facades

Complete nutritional solution

Technology applicable to complete, well balanced plant-based diet of fruit, legume, tuber and leafy greens.  Minimum set of nutrients to sustainably feed a city.

Farming robotics automation

Scalable farming for the high tech city.  Most labor intensive tasks automated by pruning and harvesting robot.  Climate monitoring, irrigation and deviation intervention assisted by IoT sensing.  Labor limited to once per year maintenance servicing and crop change-out.    

Predictable, high yield

State of the art controlled environment greenhouse technology. Hydroponic towers to maximize utilization of vertical space.  Controlled climate and nutrient system to delivery optimal environment for plant growth independent of uncertain urban climate and seasonaility.

Zero GHG emissions

Food production powered by the sun.  Climate control powered by waste heat and solar radiation.  Pumps and electrical systems running on solar panels.

100% Organic - no pesticides, no industrial fertilizer

Controlled environment eliminates need for pesticides.  Nutrient sourced from urban household organic waste and on-site plant biomass trimmings.