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Empowering the city with food

The Food wall project aims to address the challenge of feeding cities sustainably by empowering them with urban agriculture using fully automated, zero carbon emissions modular high-yield greenhouse.

We are a team of engineers in the early phase concept design with intention to build and test a prototype system.  In the past year we gained experience in the fundamentals of plant growth and prototyping with embedded systems IoT by building an indoor plant growth chamber.  

Our long term vision is to showcase the full potential of the technology as an at-scale financially sustainable food self-sufficient urban community.


We seek partnerships from universities, NGOs engineers and enthusiastic members of the community that share our vision of technology based solutions to food self-sufficient cities and sustainable agriculture.

If our program interests you, check out our get involved page to learn more

Open source

Check out our Github account for a look at some of our completed work

Our team

Taylor W Hickem
AgriTech Engineer

Colin O'Mara
Robotics Engineer

Prototyping Engineer